Big update 1

Due to little reception/service and not caring to be on my phone too much, these blog posts don’t seem to be happening as much as I had originally planned. I think that sort of thing just happens when you travel but also try to keep friends and family up-to-date. regardless, here is an update now!

We left Vancouver on Monday at around 2 PM in the afternoon, a little later than initially anticipated. We hit the road, a familiar one going through Whistler and Pemberton, and began going north! Joe’s best friend, Max, told us about Cottonwood recreation site, just south of Lilloot, so we stopped there for night one. It had about 12 or so camping spots and we found a perfect one right by the river. There were only a couple of other groups there so it was lovely and quiet. The sounds of the river quickly lulled us to sleep.


The next morning, we made a breakfast of eggs and sausages, and coffee for me of course, packed everything up, and continued north. We drove through Lillooet and then it was time for some back roads. We found the Pavilion Clinton service/back road which took us from Pavilion all the way to Clinton via up and over the mountain instead of around it on Highway 99. Wow, great call! We climbed up some serious service roads, gaining elevation, and eventually leveled out on a plateau of sorts. All of a sudden I was transported straight back into my childhood photos on the farm back East in Ontario. Fields full of hay bails, old barns, farm houses and grazing cattle. The nostalgia was welcomed and gave me warm fuzzies. Joe only sees my inner farm girl surface when we encounter the smell of manure or I am in close proximity to horses or cows. My mother would also have loves this plateaued farm land we found. Eventually we descended back down and continued on the service/back road around Kelly Lake, which was small but a beautiful deep emerald color. Once around the little lake we got back on the main road and headed to Clinton. Clinton seemed to have plenty of antique stores – which intrigued is both – and had a old farm town vibe. Again, I feel like my mother would be happy here.

We passed through 100 Mile, despite a potential plan to stay at Green Lake campsite, and kept going through Williams Lake. Once we decided to pass Green Lake, we needed to find a place for the night. I saw Howes Lake rec site in the backroads map book and liked the description. I made the executive decision that we were going! Just after Lac la Hache we took another service road which took us 10km to the Howes Lake rec site. WOW, jackpot! These camping spots were secluded from each other, big, and right on the lake. There only maybe 6 spots and only 2 other groups there. It was quiet, peaceful and perfect. We made spaghetti for dinner and it was simplistically delicious. The slept in the tent as the forecast was clear.


8:00am wake up, eggs and turkey slices for breakfast, coffee for me, packed up, and were on the move again! We attempted a backroad which would have taken us around the lake and met up with the other road we took in, however after around 12km on an increasingly over grown backroad and a dead end, we turned around. Dammit. We had so much fun exploring the road so it was still totally worth it. Back on the highway it was north towards Quesnel. Quick Canadian Tire stop for a few supplies then onto the Quesnel – Hixon road which took us through cattle country once again instead of just driving along the highway. We love these service/back roads. Such a good way to see a bit more of BC and its towns than just truckin along the highway methodically. This took us by Chubb Lake, named after my relatives The Chubbs. Just kidding, not true. But there is a Chubb Lake Bible Camp and I made sure to get a picture.
Instead of stopping in the BC gem that is Prince George, we drove through and about 70km to Crooked River Provincial park where we would camp at Bear Lake camp ground. Provincial parks/camp sites are way bigger and more established than the rec sites we used before. We are big fans of the rec sites as they are less populated, smaller and usually quite pretty!

We set up camp again on a lake front spot and enjoyed the last bit of the day’s sun. Joe looked at the forecast and saw rain and thunder… Uh oh. Lightening was starting up in the distance. Better set the tarp and shelter up incase. Before the forecast came true, we enjoyed fireside reading and chili for dinner. With rain coming, we packed it in and took our books into our truck-home for bed time reading. And then came the torrential downpour, sheet lightening and earth trembling thunder. We couldn’t help but be a little giddy being cozy, warm and dry in bed.

“I guess we’ll find out if the canopy leaks” Joe says with a laugh.
2 minutes later.
“Oh shit, a leak!”

Indeed, the window of the canopy was leaking onto my pillow. 7 years in a row of camping in the rain in Tofino rushes to mind and I am momentarily overcome with panic. Thankfully, I am on this adventure with incredibly caring and resourceful man who sprung into action, in his boxes in the downpour I might add, to maneuver the tarp back over the window. My knight in shining armor. How did I get so lucky?!
Once the tarp covered the windows, we had no problem. Joe dried off from his nature shower and we settled back in. The rain quickly lulled us to sleep.
We awoke this morning well rested, but nervous to survey the damage left by the rain, as we had left a few things outside – nothing that wouldn’t survive rain but still. We waited until the morning drizzle had eased off before we hustled to pack up all our wet gear, and hit the road. Time to get to Dawson Creek and start the Alaska Highway!
And that’s where are at! That was a big update, points to whoever is still reading.

Until the next big update, cheers my friends.

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