Summer road trip planning has begun! 

Within days of Joe and I coming home from our road trip throughout BC last September, we, or at least I, was already thinking of what our next adventure would be. It is now March and it feels like a good time to pull out the Backroads Mapbooks and start thinking about summer road trip(s). Here are a few guidelines/reminders for planning this years trips:

  • Try to avoid following storm systems around, thus being less wet – it would be nice to not need to set up a shelter and tarps every night.
  • Stay off main roads and highways as much as possible, find the backroads! – we aimed to do this going north however it was harder once we got past Prince George.
  • Stay around the Okanagan and Cariboo/Chilcotin – for the above reason.
  • Visit wineries… Okay I may have added this one..
  • Find some hot springs – visiting Liard hot springs up north was breathtaking. I would go every weekend if it were (a lot) closer.
  • Do some smaller, weekend trips with friends – we can’t lie, it got lonely on the road.
  • Avoid rain… Did I mention this?!

A big motivation for getting going on road trip planning, and this blog post, has been the discovery of Expedition Overland! Joe found these guys and their awesome overland adventures and we have been hooked, binge watching the episodes all weekend. Check out their videos HERE. To see people so blown away by BC’s beauty is a humbling reminder that we truly live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.



Thats all for now, friends! If you have any advice, recommendations, etc, for our summer road trips, please do share!



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  1. Years ago I was on a road trip and we were chasing the sun. We looked at forecasts and just kept driving north and east, hoping to hit some good weather. We ended up in Grand Prairie. Not the road trip we’d planned at all and we never did find the sun, but we saw a lot of the back country of BC and Alberta. You never know what’s around the next corner. Enjoy!


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