Engineer + Nerd = Enginerd

As I may have previously mentioned, or you may have noticed, Joe is an enginerd. I mean this in the most loving way. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Urban Dictionary describes an enginerd as “a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. This person can also portray symptoms of a large ego, knowledge of too many keyboard shortcuts, and overall addiction to his/her computer. Most are in denial of their ‘enginerdiness’.” Minus the large ego, this sums Joe up well – just add in generosity, kindness and good looks of course.

I am bringing this up because his truck, Sally, is a perfect example of his enginerdiness.
Joe has gone above and beyond, putting effort into every detail of Sally, making her into not only a wicked daily driver but a comfortable, cozy, and totally equipped truck-home for our camping adventures.

He has created a build thread on Expedition Portal so if you are interested you can see exactly what modifications and features he has added. Check out Sally’s build thread HERE!

These are just a few photos of the work he has done. There are tons more on the thread so go check them out…Click HERE for that link again.


Until next time!

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