New essentials for camping..

We have slowing been collecting bits and pieces for our next camping and/or road trip adventure. Joe tends to get the more practical, truck and equipment related stuff, where as I find the creature comforts that I know will be enjoyed on the road… you know, think beef jerky.

So far, I have accumulated some pretty awesome stuff:

  • Our FREE Parks Canada Discovery Pass – giving us free access to National parks across Canada!
  • A couple trendy and cute metal camping mugs – thank you Superstore.
  • Backroad Mapbooks – Cariboo Chilcotin Coast book pictured here.
  • Cozy I Love BC toque – Check out I Love BC on Instagram HERE!
  • Our wicked Backroad Mapbooks koozies! – Thanks again for the swag BRMB!
  • and the best find? My uber cozy, fleecy, blanket-vest. – A surprise find at IKEA!


I can’t wait to put all these fun things into camping action!

This post was somewhat inspired by the awesome Adventures In Flannel site! Their recent post on the Non-Essential Essentials is great. We love seeing what other adventurers are up to, especially local Vancouverites! Head on over to their page and check them out…just click here!


Until next time!



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