The regular.

The next photo up shows our typical set-up and is also a shout-out to our “sponsor” for the trip which happens to be our favourite local watering-hole in North Vancouver.
Deep Cove Brewery
is one of those places for us where we walk in and the servers already know our order. With consistently awesome beer every time the kegs change there was no question we needed to bring some along on our trip. The cool cans and growlers also made for some nifty photo ops.

Our set up, seen below in the background along with a relaxing, book-reading Joe, consisted of a tarp, a shelter, a couple of camping chairs and if it wasn’t raining too hard, a fire. A few nights before this we learned the hard way that the tarp over the back canopy windows was very needed. It was the first big rain of the trip, with plenty more to come, and we were settling into bed with our books when the rain started. Long story short there as a lot of water and scrambling to manoeuvre the tarp, by Joe, in a lightening and thunder rainstorm.


The evening of this photo was thankfully a much less hectic and wet evening. Looking back, these were such wonderful, dry, warm, moments.

Next up, one of my favourite lunches we had. And there was sun which made it all the more memorable.

Until next time!


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