Muncho Lake lunch

This picture may not look like much but it is absolutely one of my favourites. Traveling through the Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park on our way towards Liard Hot Springs (!!!) we were met with breathtaking scenery around every bend. Around lunch time we started driving along the emerald green waters of Muncho Lake. We found a pull out, made a quick decision and set up our camping chairs for a highway side lunch.

Again, it doesn’t seem like much especially due to the road side location and the cold cut sandwich lunch but the sun was shining – which was becoming a rare thing – we were able to dry off some damp stuff, and soaked up some sun ourselves. It was peaceful and beautiful. This was also where my camera died after taking its last picture and of course I brought the wrong charger. We set up a tripod, got a great pic of us and Sally (the truck) and that was it.


I used my iPhone to take pictures for the majority of the trip and you would never know. Well done iPhone, you can stay.


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