Still Wanderin’

So it is fair to say the world has been somewhat turned upside down these past few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a nightmare of a super-storm, wreaking havoc on countries, communities and families alike. Lets remember however, we may be in the same storm, but we are all in different boats. Social distancing is becoming a new norm, as well as wearing face masks, gloves, and excessive (but very necessary) hand-washing. It’s been a hard time for a lot, a lot, of people. And that is still putting it very lightly. I personally have struggled with my own mental health during this time, noticing my anxiety ebb and flow daily with the different news headlines and COVID numbers coming in – I know many of my friends feel the same. The last few weeks I feel I have balanced out somewhat. I am a pretty proud British Columbian when see how BC’s efforts has indeed made a difference. I can see how life as we know it has already changed and going forward there will be norms left, right and center. I think it is important to remember to do things that make us happy, keep our heads up, when its so easy to get down. Which brings me to the point of this post!

Joe and I have been doing a good job with social distancing and staying at home. Both being able to work from home helps a lot and the fact we haven’t fought is pretty awesome – as long as one of us doesn’t forgot to set the coffee machine timer. We both see the importance in staying home, however cabin fever was starting to poke at us. Joe has a handful of “truck buddies” and the crew will all go 4x4ing to alpine lakes, along forestry roads and simply to places off the beaten track – no trespassing or anything illegal. It’s pretty incredible what BC has to offer in her own backyard and I’m talking even just an hour outside the city of Vancouver. (I highly recommend Backroad Mapbooks for your backroad and adventure needs!) So it was decided we should make a (socially distant) 4×4 day happen to get into nature and inhale some fresh air. There were three trucks, each carrying a couple or people who live together. Since we would be driving as the main activity, this seemed like a fairly good activity to partake in while still being socially distant.

We started our day between Squamish and Whistler where we got onto a forestry service road, meandering through the forest climbing up to find the snowline.

Found the snowline! We had some fun trucking in the snow however due to the warm temps it was pretty slushy, slippery snow so eventually we had to turn around to go back and try a different fork in the road. As is life with backroads, you’re never sure exactly how far you’ll be able to go.


Pretty spectacular views – if you get past the clear cutting. Arg.

The day was exactly what we needed: fresh air, familiar faces, and some good ol off road truckin’. We plan to make this a very regular thing this summer. We also plan to make the trek up to Howes lake rec site again, which is just past Lac La Hache. We spent one night there at the beginning of our BC road trip in 2016 (the reason I started this blog) and have wanted to go back since. Just a lovely, small, secluded lake side rec site a good 5+ hours out of Vancouver. I’m typing this to hold myself accountable and make sure this trip happens!

Until next time,
Be kind, stay safe and wash your hands!


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