What a good day in Vancouver looks like..

It’s a sunny day in Vancouver AND our Discovery Pass from Parks Canada has arrived! Oh happy day.

Knowing Vancouver, this sunshine is just a tease but that isn’t stopping me from thinking camping is just around the corner. Continue reading “What a good day in Vancouver looks like..”

#tbt: The Alexander MacKenzie Trail

The ultimate backroad? The Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail is a top contender. Also known as the Nuxalk-Carrier Route, the Blackwater Trail, or simply the MacKenzie Trail. The trail is a 420 km long overland route between Quesnel and Bello Coola, British Columbia and is named after the explorer, you guessed it, Alexander Mackenzie. In the 18th century, MacKenzie embarked on his trek from Montreal to the Pacific Ocean. When he could not traverse via the Fraser River anymore, local First Nations guided him along what would become the overland MacKenzie Trail. He reached the Pacific Ocean on July 20, 1793. It was named an official heritage trail by the Heritage Conservation Act in 1987.

MacKenzie Trail  – Quesnel to Bella Coola.


Today, the MacKenzie Trail is basically an overgrown, impassable “route”.

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Engineer + Nerd = Enginerd

As I may have previously mentioned, or you may have noticed, Joe is an enginerd. I mean this in the most loving way. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Urban Dictionary describes an enginerd as “a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. This person can also portray symptoms of a large ego, knowledge of too many keyboard shortcuts, and overall addiction to his/her computer. Most are in denial of their ‘enginerdiness’.” Minus the large ego, this sums Joe up well – just add in generosity, kindness and good looks of course.

I am bringing this up because his truck, Sally, is a perfect example of his enginerdiness.
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#ThrowbackThursday: take me camping!

Daydreaming back to living out of the truck, cooking on a coleman, and a different camp site every night.

This Vancouver weather has given me mild seasonal depression thanks to the endless grey, rainy days. It is making summer planning pretty easy. I find looking through past trip photos helps rid the Raincouver blues – and also makes my heart ache with wanderlust but whatever.

Howes Lake rec site, Soda Creek area.

The last night 

The last night on our camping adventure we met up with friends at Duffy Lake. Familiar faces were so nice! They even had a homemade hot tub with them! 

We did it! 

We did it!! Leaving Duffy Lake, outside of Kamloops, and on the home stretch. What an adventure this has been. We are pretty excited for showers and our king bed. 

See you soon, friends! 

Update 3!

After a stop at the sign post forest and a tailgate lunch in Watson Lake, Yukon, we were on the road again, this time heading south! At Junction 37 we moved onto Highway 37 and have been driving on it since. This by no means looks like a highway and more so like an ordinary rural road. A road with no shoulders, no lane lines, lots of bumps and loose gravel . It’s a very simple but beautiful highway running through BC. Lots of ‘watch for wildlife’ signs, however we didn’t see much.
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