Way, way, overdue.

I am embarrassed by how long I’ve been away from the blog! I guess you could say that thing called life got in the way.

To make up for my lack of presence and to kick off getting back into blogging and writing I plan on sharing my 10 favourite photos from our BC road trip back in September 2016. It is crazy how long ago that feels now. Just a reminder that life can move fast and to get out there and explore what this beautiful world has to offer.

To start off, here is a photo from our very first night on the road at Cottonwood Rec site, after Pemeberton and a bit before Lillooet, British Columbia.


Joe’s best friend suggested this stop for us and we were happy we made stop one. The sound of the river lulled us to sleep and we awoke to sunshine. A perfect start. Going forward, we always tried to find a camp or rec site on a river or lake. It wasn’t hard to do, but some spots were definitely better than others.

Coming up next, our epic spot for day/night two. We are aching to go back to this spot. Perhaps this coming summer 2018. Stick around to see where!






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